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This blog was created in the hopes that I could help out the writers of Tumblr. It will consist of helpful reblogs combined with original text posts that I somehow think up with a little bit of prompting from lovely followers.

So, if you're a writer and you're having trouble getting started, or perhaps you have questions geared more towards grammar/sentence structure/form and the like, or anything at all, please feel free to send in a message. I will do my absolute best to help you all out!

I can't wait to meet fellow writers!

Writing Crime

Anonymous asked: I’m doing crime fiction in school and have to write a short story, but I’ve never written crime before and I don’t really know how. Do you have any tips? Maybe something on writing action scenes, creating suspense, and leaving clues? Thanks for any help you can give me!

Crime fiction is most definitely one of my favorite genres to read, so I’m so happy that you’ve given me the chance to look these things up!

Action Scenes

Creating Suspense

Leaving Clues

Crime Fiction

I hope these links can help you. If you have any further questions, let me know!

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